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Doctor and Patient


Asalyxa Bio is focused on the rapid development of a revolutionary innate immune cell targeting platform. With an expert team of drug developers and business leaders, we create first-in-class particle drug products for diseases with high unmet medical needs.   


PANTHER: (Poly-Aspirin Nanoparticle THERapeutics) reimagines the treatment of human disease.  With safety in mind at the onset, the biodegradable poly-aspirin backbone of PANTHER breaks down into salicylic acid and adipic acid.


The well-established scientific understanding of these components, based on decades of patient experience, makes them ideal building blocks for the PANTHER platform. 


By targeting specific immune cells, the PANTHER platform allows for the tailored modulation of inflammatory responses.



ASX-100 is the first particle-based therapeutic from the PANTHER platform.  A microsphere about the same size as a bacteria, ASX-100 is recognized by innate immune cells in the body as a foreign invader and eaten by the cells.  The particles then degrade, reducing inflammatory activation and cellular migration to the site of disease. ASX-100 is first being developed for the treatment of ARDS.

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome 

ARDS is one area of high unmet medical need, with approximately 500,000 Americans and 1.5 million patients in major global markets suffering from this deadly condition each year. Of the patients that get ARDS, approximately 50% of them die regardless of the original cause of respiratory distress. Additionally, ARDS is the leading killer of COVID-19 patients, due to an over-reactive immune response to respiratory stress, often described as a “cytokine storm”. There are NO approved therapeutics for ARDS. 

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