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Head of Preclinical Development
Bruce Auerbach

Bruce is the head of preclinical development for Asalyxa Bio, a therapuetic that aims to solve ARDS in a novel manner. 

Bruce has over 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical drug discovery and early clinical development. As co-founder and president of AlphaCore Pharma he utilized SBIRs, angel investments, and CRADA’s with the NIH to develop a biologic for the treatment of acute coronary syndromes. Following a successful Phase1 clinical trial, AlphaCore was acquired by MedImmune, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca. Prior to starting AlphaCore, he was an Associate Research Fellow at Pfizer specializing in drug discovery and early clinical development, with a concentration in dyslipidemia and metabolic diseases. 

He graduated with a MS in Pathology and Comparative Medicine from the Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University.

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