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Lola Eniola-Adefeso

Omolola (Lola) Eniola-Ade is the CSO and a Co-founder of Asalyxa Bio, a company that develops a therapeutic that adresses the issues of ARDS in a novel manner. Her research looks to design biocompatible functional particles for targeted drug delivery.

She is currently a professor and Miller faculty Scholar in the University of Michigan's Chemical Engineering department She serves as Vice Chair for Graduate Studies and has appointments in Biomedical Engineering as well as Macromoelcular Science and Engineering.

She has been awarded 19 different awards as well published over 20 academic papers and is experienced in the scientific field earning both a MS and PhD in chemical and biomechanical engineering from  the University of Pennsylvania. 

Eniola-Adefso is a champion for women and underrepresented minority students within the University of Michigan. She has established a mentoring scheme and served as graduate chair, recruiting the most diverse cohort of students in the department's history. She encouraged undergraduate students to develop experiments for K-12 teachers to use in their classrooms. Eniola-Adefso has been involved in the College of Engineering NextProf program, which brings women and minority students to campus to experience academic life.

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