Executive Committee Member
Nancy Miller-RIch

Nancy Miller-Rich is a member of the Executive Committee of Orange Grove Bio ("OGB"). Nancy’s professional journey can be summed up simply: value creation.


Throughout a career that began as a consumer products merchandiser through senior vice president in the pharmaceutical division of one of the world’s leading drug companies, Nancy has taken the initiative, built businesses, identified opportunities and demonstrated creativity and leadership.


From sales and marketing to business development, alliance management and digital transformation, Nancy has gained enterprise-wide perspective and expertise. She collaborates naturally and builds consensus at all levels, with an eye firmly locked on measurable business goals. That things grow around Nancy is no coincidence.


Since her most recent position in the Global Human Health division of Merck, where Nancy lead a number of critical initiatives, she has brought savvy insights to the boards of UDG HealthCare, Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Altum Pharmaceuticals, TB Alliance and a growing number of consulting clientele.  Nancy has learned to disrupt business status quo and provoke innovation and growth through portfolio management, acquiring and divesting products and technologies, initiating and managing joint ventures, and investing in new drug platforms and initiatives. She will use this to help Orange Grove Bio and the startups in their pipeline flourish into everything they can be. 


Nancy is a lifelong devotee to fitness and giving back to her profession and communities. She is an active board member of a variety of civic, environmental, industry and corporate organizations and associations.