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Chief Operating Officer
Ryan Fox

Ryan is the COO of Asalyxa Bio. Ryan is committed to the discovery and development of new transformational therapies for diseases with unmet medical needs. Trained as an organic chemist, he began his more-than 15 years of R&D experience in the chemistry labs of GSK where he worked on a wide range of targets and therapeutic areas. After joining a virtual discovery group in 2013, he began transitioning into various leadership and operational roles overseeing finance, portfolio, risk management, and external relations. Ryan’s unique background that spans drug discovery, project leadership, strategy, and operations gives him the ability to take on the challenges of individual projects as well as enterprise wide initiatives. With a proven track record for building and leading high-performing multi-disciplinary teams that have delivered clinical candidates, he knows what it takes to get programs across the finish line. Ryan’s extensive experience in the externalization of drug discovery through the utilization of a global CRO network and academic partners has proven instrumental in his ability to implement plans that reduce timelines and maximize financial return. 

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